Chael Sonnen, with at least a 70-pound weight advantage, takes on Cat Zingano in an arm wrestling match

Kevin Iole

You have to hand it to Chael Sonnen: The guy's pretty much willing to try anything. This time, Sonnen, the host of the Fox Sports 1 show "UFC Tonight" and a middleweight/light heavyweight fighter in the UFC, took on Cat Zingano in an arm wrestling contest.

Zingano, whose knee injury in training cost her a bout with UFC women's bantamweight champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey as well as a stint as a coach on "The Ultimate Fighter," was happy to give it a shot.

Surely Sonnen, who when in fighting shape couldn't lose to a woman who weighs at least 70 pounds less than he does ... or could he?

Former UFC fighter Kenny Florian, who serves as Sonnen's co-host, made sure to get in and ensure that their grips were fair.

As Florian was trying to get them to keep their wrists straight, Sonnen looked up and said, "None of this over the top stuff. I want a straight match."

When Florian tells them to begin, it's clear that Zingano's arm and shoulder muscles are straining. Sonnen, who is wearing a sport coat, is grimacing.

They battle for a second and then, well, the ending isn't what you might expect. It is, however, worth the 30 seconds to see.

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