Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva trade advice

Maggie Hendricks

With Chael Sonnen expected to take on Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight belt in June, you would think they wouldn't want to help each other out. Even the fighters who are friends before their bout usually cut off communication in the months leading up to their fight. But Silva and Sonnen are so kind that they actually are trading advice.

In an interview with Fuel TV, Silva gave Sonnen training tips.

"Chael talks too much," Silva said. "Chael needs to train. No more talk, train. Going to Brazil? Big problem."

See? So helpful of Silva to not only help Sonnen with his training, but to do it in Sonnen's native language even though Silva usually only speaks Portuguese.

Sonnen, wanting to return the favor, offered Silva some advice on how to relax and who to hang out with.

How sweet! Perhaps Sonnen is forgetting how he lost to Silva in the final round of their bout. With this sort of collegiality, they may want to just have a chess match instead of a cage fight come June.

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