Was Cerrone vs. Henderson the WEC fight of the year? You decide

On Saturday night, I called the Cerrone/Henderson bout the WEC fight of the year, and after rewatching that fight a few times, that title still stands to me. But there have been so many good WEC fights this year that it can be hard to pick just one as the best. The really exciting prospect is that there will be two more WEC events this year, 44 in November with Jose Aldo vs. Mike Brown and another possible event in December, so there might be another great fight to blow these out of the water.

Torres vs. Mizugaki at WEC 40: This fight was billed as Miguel Torres' coming home party. After playing a major part in the growth of Chicago's MMA scene, Torres fought in the Windy City for the first time as a champion. He faced Takeya Mizugaki, a Japanese fighter who made his WEC debut filling in for the injured Brian Bowles. The two engaged in a five-round stand-up battle, utilizing punches, kicks and a brilliant clinch game by Torres. Mizugaki withstood what Torres later said were the hardest punches he had ever thrown. Torres retained his belt in a unanimous decision, but Mizugaki made an impression on everyone who watched that fight.

Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown II at WEC 41: Brown had shocked the MMA world when he knocked out Faber, the longtime WEC featherweight champ and face of the WEC. In the rematch, Brown showed that the first win as no fluke, hammering away at "The California Kid" for five rounds. Faber, who broke one hand and dislocated fingers on the other hand early in the bout, continued to give Brown a tough fight despite the pain he was in.

Cerrone vs. Henderson at WEC 43: After a controversial loss to lightweight champ Jamie Varner, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone was itching for a rematch. To earn that fight, he would need to beat Ben Henderson for the WEC interim title. Unfortunately for Cowboy, Henderson proved that he is one of the toughest fighters on the planet, refusing to tap through endless submission attempts. Henderson walked away with the belt by unanimous decision.

Another WEC fight: There have been so many amazing WEC battles this year, many that didn't have a title on the line. Perhaps you liked Cerrone vs. Varner, Banuelos vs. Jorgensen, Curran vs. Benavidez, or Curran vs. Mizugaki better.

Which one was your favorite? Vote in the poll and tell us in the comments.

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