Cerrone takes rematch with Varner at WEC 51

The bad blood did not end between Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Jamie Varner as Cerrone took the unanimous decision at WEC 51 in Colorado on Thursday night, 30-27 on all three judges cards.

The fight started out furiously, with Varner and Cerrone immediately locking horns. Cerrone struck first, landing punches and a flying knee that seemed to shake Varner up. Varner, a Division I wrestler at Lock Haven, was not able to finish a takedown but Cerrone was. The two sprang back up quickly, and continued the fight from their feet. The back and forth continued until the bell, with Cerrone wobbling Varner in the final seconds of the round.

The pace slowed down in the second, but still featured great back and forth action. As the crowd chanted "Cowboy," Cerrone took Varner down, lateraling him to the ground before moving to side control, then the north-south position. Varner was able to muscle out and return the fight back to stand-up. Cerrone continued to land knees and control the center of the cage.

By the third round, Varner's mouth and nose were bleeding. Varner knew he was down on the scorecards, swinging for the fences with every punch. It didn't help, as every punch he landed was shaken off by Cerrone. The takedown continued to be a favorite move of Cerrone's. Near the end of the round, Cerrone took Varner straight to the ground and landed several elbows, bloodying up Varner's face.

When the round ended, the bitter enemies exchanged a high-five, but then Cerrone gave Varner a push with his forearm. As Cerrone walked away, Varner shoved him before referee Herb Dean stood between the two to settle them down. It wasn't as bad as when Paul Daley threw a cheap shot at Josh Koscheck after the bell, but it was the kind of silliness that has no place in MMA.

"Jamie, you asked for a rematch, I'd be much obliged to give it to you in Arizona," Cerrone said after the fight, referring to the December WEC card in Glendale, Ariz. He said that things won't change between him and Cerrone. "Aw, hell no. No way. I'm going to even up the score."

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