Cerrone and Diaz in agreement about UFC 137 run-in, but still want to smash each other on Friday


Donald Cerrone was annoyed with Nate Diaz back in October. He was insulted by an encounter the fighters had at UFC 137, but now he's come to understand why Diaz was rude.

Cerrone tried to say hello to him, and Diaz responded by telling him off. Diaz explained during workout day that's just the way it has to be. He'd rather fight someone he dislikes than a pal.

"Let's just say for second you're fighting some maniac from the street that's killed 20 people and they're just like crazy as hell, but you get a fair fight with him, and he's just biting his arm off and talking crazy [expletive]," Diaz told MMAjunkie during Tuesday's UFC 141 workout day (3:40 mark). "Then you're going to fight this nice guy that goes to church, and he just comes up and says, 'Hey, man, nice to meet you. It's going to be a good fight.' Who are you guys going to feel more comfortable fighting? I'd rather not go in like the rest of these guys. They're trying to put me in a comfort zone. "

Make sense?

Cerrone and Diaz clash at UFC 141. The UFC returns to its traditional start time of 10 p.m ET/7 p.m. PT.

Yesterday, Cerrone said he understands Diaz's rationale.

"Whatever has to do to justify his fighting tactics. That's what he does. I don't care. I can fight my best friend, we go in there and get paid. That's what we do for a living," Cerrone said. "So whatever he has to do get ready. Whether that's talk [expletive] or not friend people, I understand where he's coming from. 'No, I'm not going to shake your hand because I don't want to create a repore with you that I have to worry about later."

Sounds pretty nice, right? Make no mistake about it, these guys still want to beat the snot out of each other. Cerrone was also asked about going to the ground against Diaz, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

"If he wants to take the fight to the ground, go ahead," Cerrone told Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "He'll just lay on his back, get beat, flip me off and yell '209.'"

The "209" is a reference to the Stockton, Ca. area code. The Diaz brothers are proud of where they come from and carry a chip on their shoulder from one of the rougher towns in California. He meets a rough customer on Friday which should result in a Fight of the Night candidate.

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