Cecil Peoples, you win the Cagewriter facepalm of the week!

Ah, MMA judge Cecil Peoples. Your name is already synonymous with questionable decisions. After the close, disputed decision for Lyoto Machida, you said that "good fans" would have agreed with you. Then, you said that leg kicks just can't win fights. Those who don't agree? Go to hell. Despite the fact that leg kicks can win fights, and have done so on many occasions, you don't win this award for your judging prowess. No, you get it because you can't stop running your mouth.

Something that comes along with the job of the judge is the fact that quite often, people won't agree with your decisions. If you feel the need to justify your decisions to multiple media outlets, and then get so angry at the people who disagree with you that you swear at them, then don't be a judge. Criticism comes along with the job. Deal with it, or move along.

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