Casino taps out, awards UFC president Dana White a 'title' belt

Kevin Iole
Photos of the "title belt" Dana White posted on Instagram (Courtesy Dana White)


Photos of the "title belt" Dana White posted on Instagram (Courtesy Dana White)

LAS VEGAS – For the time being, Dana White is the world champion.

He is, at least, according to Palms Resort Casino president Todd Greenberg. White has been so successful playing blackjack at the Palms that he was first banned by the hotel and then, after returning to gamble there, asked to dramatically cut the amount that he wagers per hand.

White declined and took his gambling action elsewhere.

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It ordinarily wouldn't be much of a story, except that when White was banned the first time, Palms employees nearly revolted. White is a legendarily good tipper and employees were upset that he was let go. Several Vegas sources said it wasn't uncommon for White to have a $10,000 meal at the Palms' trendy steakhouse, then drop a $10,000 tip on top of it.

In part to assuage employees, White was allowed to return to gamble at the Palms in March. But after a big hot streak that lasted into June, the Palms cut the amount White could play per hand.

The Palms got a lot of criticism over that, so this week, Greenberg presented White with a "title belt" that said "PALMS Undisputed Blackjack Champion" on the front. On the side, it had a picture of White with 24-0 on his chest above the words, "Winner by TKO."

White posted photos of the belt on his Instagram page.

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