In case you didn't know, Varner and Cerrone don't like each other

Stemming back from their January fight, WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner and WEC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone are not very good friends. As in, they hate each other. The fact that Varner's hand injury is going to require a longer rehabilitation than expected, and that Cerrone and Benson Henderson are going to fight for an interim belt has added fuel to the fire.

They've been battling back and forth on Twitter, but their hatred nearly came to a head at the Combat Lifestyle party at Prive in Las Vegas this past Friday night. In the picture above, Varner seems to have no trouble with his hand as he gestures at Cerrone. Their trash talk continued until a friend stepped in and stopped it, but one thing is clear. The hatred between the two won't die down until they step in the cage again.

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