Can Carwin overcome a lousy nickname?

The nickname. It can make or break a career. Not really. But it can be a source of ridicule if you miss the mark. We're all big fans of white buffalos but Francois Botha blew it by adopting that moniker. Alan Belcher is a well-rounded fighter except for his nickname, "The Talent." And Jason MacDonald, well, "The Athlete" nickname flat out sucks. That's why it was so important for fast rising heavyweight Shane Carwin to come up with a humdinger. Anyone who goes 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds has plenty of options for a nasty nickname.

Cage Potato asked its readers for help. Carwin said no thanks and went with "The Engineer." Ugh! Shane, we know your full-time gig is an engineer. What does that have to do with crushing skulls? Even Robert "The Jiu-Jitsu Instructor" Drysdale and Jon "The Barback at a Las Vegas Nightclub" Koppenhaver think that "The Engineer" stinks.

Cage Potato suggested a few names but Carwin (stunned at how bad his nickname is)responded with all no's:

Shane “Juggernaut” Carwin: I’m too simple a guy for something like that.

Shane “Darwin” Carwin: I go to church on Sunday, so I’m not sure how that would go over.

Shane “Hulk Hands” Carwin: What?

One CP reader suggested "The Engineer of Fear", that's not bad. "Pain and Shane," there has to be something there!

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