Carwin media scrum video: Not a fan of Lesnar's attitude

This isn't just another fight for Shane Carwin. Sure he gets to main event a huge event at UFC 116 and potentially be crowned the UFC heavyweight champ/No. 1 heavyweight in the world but even better, he gets to shutup Brock Lesnar, a guy he has genuine dislike for.

"I compare it to the work world. We all have people that we dislike and we all have people that we like a lot," said Carwin on this MMAWeekly video.

Lesnar has a polarizing approach although last week on the UFC 116 teleconference, he showed signs of dialing it down a bit following his fight against diverticulitis. Carwin doesn't sound like he believes Lesnar's a new man.

"Brock's attitude, I don't care for it that much. How he treats people and he's just disrespectful. And if we were in the workplace, I probably wouldn't talk to the guy. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with him. It's the same here."

In the near five minute video, Carwin also talked about what'll happen if he slugs Lesnar early on and the champ just smiles back at him.