Carlos Marmol: Cub man, MMA fan

Bellator Fighting Championships has plenty of MMA celebrities in the crowd at their fights Friday night in Chicago, including the UFC's Clay Guida and Brandon Vera (whose wife is fighting tonight) and WEC champion Miguel Torres. However, the celebrity doesn't stop there, as Chicago Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol is also at the Aragon Ballroom to take in the fights.

Marmol's game against the Astros was rained out today, and he was invited by a friend to enjoy the fights. "I've seen it on TV, but I wanted to come and watch," Marmol told Cagewriter. "This has been fun. These guys are good." Any chance we will see the 6'2", 180-lb. Marmol try out MMA, like Shaquille O'Neal?

"No way," Marmol said, shaking his head and laughing. His lady friend added, "He's too pretty. I don't want his face messed up like that."

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