Carlos Condit pushed for UFC 171 bout to be five rounds

Carlos Condit pushed for UFC 171 bout to be five rounds
Carlos Condit pushed for UFC 171 bout to be five rounds

As a former WEC and UFC title-holder known for his superb conditioning, welterweight Carlos Condit lobbied UFC president Dana White hard to make his upcoming UFC 171 fight against Tyron Woodley Saturday a five-round affair. All UFC fights, except for main events and title bouts are scheduled for three rounds, and Condit and Woodley's co-main event is as well.

Condit has said he expects to be given a title shot should he beat Woodley and so thought it fitting that their scrap be scheduled for twenty-five minutes. "The Natural Born Killer" looks at his conditioning as a weapon and wanted an extra one against Woodley Saturday night.

"I feel like I definitely have an advantage in five round fights," Condit told reporters in Dallas for UFC 171 this week.

"My endurance is a weapon. in those later rounds I can turn it on when other guys crumble."

Condit feels that all fights that are supposed to determine number one contenders to belts should be five rounds.

"In my opinion, title eliminators should be five rounders," he said.

"If you're going to be fighting for the title I think that you should, you know, prove that you have the ability to fight and win in a five round fight."

Condit went on to say that for five round fights, he usually does eleven or twelve week-long training camps while for three round contests, he usually conducts camps nine weeks in duration. Condit isn't too upset that he'll only get three rounds to beat Woodley, however.

"It didn't happen. No biggie. I'll just have to get it done in three," he said.

Do you think Condit would have had a significant advantage over Woodley if the fight had gone five rounds? Do you think that all title eliminator fights should be five rounds instead of three?

Let us know in the comments section.

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