Carcass death, shot at White House leads off weird, MMA-related news round-up

Maggie Hendricks

The MMA world reaches well beyond fighters who have made it to the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator, which means that there are plenty of news stories that involve people who have at some point been in a cage for a fight. For example:

-- Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested over the weekend for shooting a semiautomatic rifle, and now he is accused of trying to assassinate the president. MMA Junkie reports that he won an his MMA debut last summer in Idaho with a TKO.

-- Alic McCrae, a Scottish fighter who last year debuted with two bouts in one night in Scotland, suffered a bizarre death. While working at a slaughterhouse, a carcass fell on the 135-lb. fighter and crushed him. He was just 23.

-- Zachary Knight, a lieutenant with the Levy County sheriff's department with a 2-4 MMA record, is accused of sexual battery. Authorities were forced to use a Tazer on him because of his "prowess as a fighter and reluctance to be handcuffed."