Carano was treated like a piece of meat in Florida

Kim Couture is big part of a 'Night of Combat II' in Las Vegas tomorrow. She got into the game late to help out the multitude of fighters who were left hanging when the Affliction Oct. 11 event went under. Yahoo! Sports grabbed Couture after the Thursday press conference and got into the experience around Gina Carano and the Elite XC event in Florida last weekend.

Couture said EliteXC turned the Carano weigh-in into a debacle:

"It was an awkward situation. Thank god her Dad was there. She would've much rather had me holding that towel for her than Jared Shaw in the background trying to peek over the towel. I thought that was pretty low."

As if the week hasn't been rough enough for the younger Shaw, now Couture is claiming that the EliteXC VP is a pervert:

"He's got a little bit of an obsession with Gina Carano as most guys do. He was trying to sneak a peek, it was ridiculous."

Couture spoke at length at the pathetic salary breakdown on the EliteXC card. Kimbo Slice and Andrei Arlovski made in excess of $500,000 while Carano made just $25,000. Carano did a ton of promotion including multiple appearances on network television to drive much of that big audience to the CBS show.

Add Couture to the list of Ken Shamrock critics. She questioned why Shamrock was rolling and working so aggressively on the day of the fight. As a result, he suffered a cut that bumped him from the fight. She also stated that with the negative attention EliteXC is getting, her husband Randy Couture, is glad that he's not with the organization.

If you're in Las Vegas this weekend, Night of Combat II, is a must-see. Jay Hieron, Mike Pyle, Josh Haynes, Gideon Ray, Brian Gassaway, Sean Salmon, John Alessio, Hector Ramirez, Rick Roufus and Elena Reid are all on the card. Tickets start at just $18 at the Thomas & Mack.

They're also holding a huge autograph session before the fights with many of the stars from the Xtreme Couture gym plus Mike Tyson and Carano.

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