Carano is Mother Teresa with four ounce gloves

Kim Couture ripped Jared Shaw for 'peeking' at a naked Gina Carano during the infamous EliteXC 'Heat' weigh-in two weeks ago. Yahoo! Sports tracked down Carano and she had nothing but nice things to say about EliteXC and Shaw:

"Jared is doing well. He's maturing as a person as we all are. It's just a little awkward. I'm not mad at anybody. If someone was trying to sneak a peek then alright, I'm sure a lot of other people would've."

St. Gina, who may be the nicest person on god's green earth, also refused to criticize the way that she weighed-in sans clothing. Couture thought Carano could've been weighed in behind the curtain away from prying eyes:

"I'm okay the way the weigh-ins went," said Carano. "We can definitely do things better in the future but I can do things better in the future to try to get down to 140."

Carano also discusses the ridiculous pay gap between her and some of male fighting "stars" like Kimbo Slice and Andrei Arlovski. Both male fighters got in excess of $500,000 while Carano only got $25,000.

Carano basically refused to comment on the EliteXC fight fixing investigation saying," my job is to fight."

You get the feeling that there could be some rumbling behind the scenes in Camp Carano as far as Gina's pay is concerned. It's absurd to have someone drive major audience to the CBS broadcast by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, etc. and then pay them 20 times less than the top males on the same card.