Canseco's latest? Boxing a 60-year-old

We take this UFC 116 break to bring you the latest from a crazy, delusional retired baseball player. Jose Canseco, who lost to Hong Man Choi in his one MMA fight, is returning to the "celebrity" boxing circuit.

This time, Canseco will fight Gary Hogan. Unless you're familiar with Arkansas collegiate baseball, you may be saying, "Who?" Hogan is University of Arkansas-Little Rock's most successful baseball coach, and is now the assistant athletic director for the school.

[Photo: See Jose Canseco's fighting form]

At 60 years old, Hogan also continues to spar at a local boxing gym, so he was the natural choice for the bout, a four-round match taking place at an Arkansas Travelers minor league baseball game on July 9.

Canseco's celebrity boxing resume includes a KO loss to Vai Sikahema and a draw with Danny Bonaduce. Hogan makes me think he used to work with Ron Burgundy and Champ Kind.

"I did TV from 1977-'85, and early on the station started a segment called Sports Challenges, where the reporters would play against a golf or a tennis pro, things of that nature," recalled Hogan. "I took that concept to the next level and ended up fighting [former light heavyweight contender] Mike Quarry in front of 7,500 people at [former home of the Travelers] Ray Winder Field."

Hogan is also not bothered by the fact that Canseco is going to get paid for the bout while Hogan is not. Hogan said he is getting paid in "life experience."

[Jose Canseco unleashes Twitter meltdown]

Jose, here's hoping you learn something from Hogan. This 60-year-old man is getting in a ring with you because it sounds like fun. He doesn't care about money; whereas money seems to be the only thing you care about.

Hogan's attitude is the reason why a baseball field is named after him, while Canseco is unlikely to have a bathroom stall named in his honor.

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