Canseco won't let it go, now says he'll train with Cesar Gracie

Maybe it was easy for Herschel Walker. Following his win last weekend over Greg Nagy, every Tom, Dick and Harry from the sports world now thinks cage fighting is worth a try. That must be the downside everyone was talking about when they ripped Walker's foray into mixed martial arts. NFL loudmouth and all-time worst GM, Matt Millen expressed some interest in MMA. He's 52! And of course Jose Canseco is continuing with his quest to set up another MMA beating, this time at the hands Walker. He called out Walker on Tuesday. The possibility of that train wreck got plenty of play on the NFL Network and on ESPN, which irked UFC president Dana White.

At this point, if John Wayne Bobbitt, Spencer Pratt or Chuck Bednarik calls out Canseco, he'll take the payday. Canseco loves the attention.

Canseco, 45, said earlier in the evening that he's taking this fighting thing seriously. He's 0-2-1 against Hong Man Choi, Danny Bonaduce and Vai Sikahema. Canseco wants to turn it up notch and claims Cesar Gracie is interested in working with him.

That seems a bit off the wall. Gracie has developed a great reputation working with guys like Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields and the Diaz brothers, Nate and Nick. He's going tutor Canseco? Really?

UPDATE: The Gracie Camp says they're interested:

"Our camp has been contacted by a representative of Jose Canseco in regards to his desire to fight former NFL player, Herschel Walker, in a future Strikeforce show," the Gracie team posted to its website. "We have agreed to train Canseco should this matchup happen. After having produced 3 of the current Strikeforce Champions, we are confident we could make Canseco into a formidable opponent for a future Canseco vs Walker fight."

Canseco tweeted @josecanseco that professional training will make all the difference this time around. This is all well and good but are Strikeforce, Scott Coker and Herschel Walker entertaining any thoughts of taking this fight?

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