Canseco wants a fight; how about one with this guy?

Last week, baseball player-turned-wannabe fighter Jose Canseco said that he'll spend a day with anyone if they're willing to pay him $1,000. He said on Twitter that, "We can go bowling, work out, we can spar MMA-style, play any sport." Travis, a 28-year-old graphic designer wants to take him up on that. (Warning: there's a bit of NSFW language in the video.)

Apparently, as a young man, Canseco stood up Travis at an autograph signing, and he wants revenge. Now, Travis is hardly training with Cesar Gracie, and points out that he isn't exactly in fighting shape.

But that didn't stop him from starting the website, "I Want to Fight Jose Canseco." Travis said that he will gladly pay the $1,000 for the chance to fight Canseco. Since Canseco's only pursuit is money, why not give Travis the chance? It's no better than the Herschel Walker bout that Canseco has been trying to get.

Thanks to reader Tyler for the heads-up.

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