Campaign underway for Mark Hunt to replace Alistair Overeem at UFC 146

Maggie Hendricks

After Alistair Overeem's random pre-fight screening was flagged by the Nevada Athletic Commission for too much testosterone, the search for Overeem's possible replacement at UFC 146 began. With a title on the line in the main event of the all-heavyweight main card, the UFC wouldn't want to scrap the bout. Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has already noted his desire to step in against Junior dos Santos, but fans are pushing for an unlikely replacement: Mark Hunt.

In a rundown of possible replacements, MMA Fighting's Mike Chiappetta pointed out that Hunt nearly guarantees an exciting fight.

There are a couple things working in Hunt's favor here For one, he's already on the UFC 146 card. Of course, that doesn't distinguish him from Mir or Velasquez. But you know what does? His style. Hunt basically ensures that the fight will be a slugfest between the big boys, and that's never a bad thing when it comes to fan satisfaction. On the other hand, he's not nearly well known enough to headline a major event, and his 8-7 career record isn't exactly going to send people scrambling to plunk down $55 on pay-per-view. At least you can play up the "Rocky" angle with him.

Hunt, who has fought in Pride, K-1 and Dream before heading to the UFC, then became the subject of a fans' campaign on Twitter. Using the hashtag #RallyforMarkHunt, his fans and friends flooded Twitter to ask UFC executives Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta to put Hunt into the bout with dos Santos.

Though Hunt does have seven losses, he has won his last three in the UFC. While Mir is more deserving based on records alone, the White has been known to listen to the fans. If Mir's fans want to see him get another shot at the heavyweight title, they should speak up.

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