Camp Noons not afraid of Diaz and his "advanced patty-cake" boxing style

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It could be the best "boxing" match in a cage we'll see the rest of 2010. The KJ Noons-Nick Diaz fight this Saturday on Showtime is such a contrast in striking styles, it has to deliver something spectacular.

Noons is a more classic boxer. He uses his jab well and showed big-time power against Conor Heun and Jorge Gurgel. Those guys are also both average-sized lightweights. Will Noons power be enough for Diaz, who walks around in the 185-pound range?

Diaz's high-volume style has worked against poor defensive fighters like Marius Zaromskis and Hayato Sakurai but can he afford to stand in front of Noons taking some shots to work his style of wearing down the opponent?

Noons trainer Kimo Show mocks on Diaz's style and laughs (3:14 mark). Diaz says Noons is too small to hold up under the pressure.

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