Cagewriter's YAHOOOOO! of the week: Vancouver

In previous weeks, Cagewriter has given out the facepalm of the week, awarded to the most idiotic move in MMA from the week before. Sometimes, the world of MMA doesn't make us clap our hand to our face. No, sometimes it does something that makes us so happy, we can't help but let out a celebratory YAHOOOOO! (Side note: Go to the Yahoo! main page and click on the exclamation point. Go ahead. I'll wait. Isn't that fun?)

This week, we celebrate the fine city of Vancouver in Canada. Vancouver, which will host the Winter Olympics in less than two months, has finally decided to sanction MMA. The city decided to give MMA sanctioning a two-year trial period. They recently allowed two amateur events, and their smooth sailing paved the way for MMA in Vancouver.

I'm impressed with the sensible way Vancouver is allowing MMA. A trial period will allow them to reap the financial benefits from visits by large promotions like the UFC as well as smaller, Canadian-based promotions the MFC. It will also allow them to make sure that MMA is a good fit for Vancouver. (Hint: It is.)

For that, Cagewriter lets out a celebratory cheer, a sound that inspired the name of this here Web site. Vancouver, YAHOOOO!