Cagewriter Facepalm of the Week: Gegard Mousasi

The Cagewriter Facepalm of the Week returns not with a full out smack to the head, but with a "Well, DUH!" to the Strikeforce former light hevayweight champion, Gegard Mousasi. If you remember, Mousasi lost his belt to Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal due to Lawal's superior wrestling ability.

Saturday, Mousasi will face Jake O'Brien, also a fighter with a wrestling background. Mousasi said he has worked on takedown defense. From Thursday's press conference, via

I've been working on wrestling aside from MMA. That is something that I wasn't doing in the past so I'm getting more confident in my wrestling. I learned that I didn't know a lot about takedowns, it's a really big gap and I'm catching up and learning a lot. I'm confident in my takedown defense this time a lot more than in my last fight.

That's fantastic, Gegard. But maybe the time to work on takedown defense was before you fought the guy who was a national team member in freestyle wrestling?

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