Cageside physicians take a beating over Hamill's staph; was it warranted?

Anytime the term staph infection is mentioned in the fight game, opponents and gym mates run for the hills. So it freaked people to hear Matt Hamill was allowed to fight at "The Ultimate Fighter 11" season finale with a huge wound on his back. To make matters worse, the primary physician who gave Hamill the go ahead, Dr. Vicki Mazzorana, was embroiled in some controversy a while back. It has all the making of some diabolical cover-up, right? Slow down a bit and let's dig a little deeper. Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole, a longtime boxing and MMA writer, based in Las Vegas and very familiar with both the NSAC and the doctors, spoke with Cagewriter on the matter.

The Mazzorana story from July of 2009 is what raised the red flag for me. I soon as I saw an abortion clinic was the center of her past troubles, there needed to be a little background performed. Conveniently, it wasn't an actual patient of the clinic that filed the complaint, and it turned out to be a tower caper handed down from the state. It's also worth noting the Las Vegas Review-Journal ran the original story but chose not to run the followup where she was cleared.

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