Cagereaders rant about Jason Miller’s retirement, Brock Lesnar’s UFC 146 appearance and more

Maggie Hendricks

It's Reader Rants, when Cagereaders' opinions get center stage. They had plenty to talk about this week. Jason "Mayhem" Miller moving on from MMA, Antonio Silva's bloody face, Brock Lesnar's rumored return and Wanderlei Silva's comments about Vitor Belfort's broken hand all had tons of discussion on the Cagewriter Facebook page. If you want to be featured in a future Reader Rants, like Cagewriter on Facebook and comment on the stories that show up in your newstream.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller was dismissed from the UFC, and then he decided to retire. You all had very different views on him.

He's probably not worth the money he commanded. He's a recognizable face to put in against up-and-comers, but for a longtime veteran, that's probably not exactly what Dana White and co. are looking for. I've never had a problem with his walkouts and craziness, though. He's a showman. Put a camera on him in any situation and he likely to act crazy. -- John Wilcox

I think Dana has always had it in for him... Cut him after going the distance with GSP, when GSP was something special and finished fighters. His Bisping performance was terrible, sure but for Dana to call it the most lopsided fight ever is a joke. His performance against C.B. "lay and pray" Dollaway looked better on his feet than I've seen him in a while but blew out his knee. White has given other fighters much more of a chance than he gave Miller. I hope he's not done as I for one would love to see one last Miller-Kennedy fight. -- Will Howard

Cagereaders were moved by the large amount of blood in the Silva bout.

That doc should've stopped that fight. The ref should've stopped that fight. Dana and the fans got blood hungry in this match, and that kinda thing is what is keeping the UFC from becoming a more accepted sanctioned sport. -- Tobyus Sanchezo

Brock Lesnar's appearance at UFC 146 got tongues wagging, and as usual, the big guy inspired strong opinions.

He isn't an MMA fighter. He is a big dude who can push around smaller dudes. His skill level should be showcased to idiots who love fake wrestling. He don't deserve a UFC paycheck. -- Philip Erwin

Yeah, but make him earn marquee fights. Maybe put him as an early fight on Fox against someone like Nelson or Struve. -- Aaron Roy

I was surprised to hear this. I don't see him doing well. His intimidating aura is gone, and everyone knows if he gets punched in the mouth he's done. His size and speed can help him win against some guys, but I don't see him competing for the title again. -- Josh Farris

Wanderlei Silva ripped Vitor Belfort for breaking his hand and pulling out of UFC 147, which surprised Cagereaders.

Be upset if your opponent doesn't make weight, not breaks his hand in practice. Wandy must have been struck in the head too many times. -- David Feinblatt

This was a big fight in front of his countrymen. This was also his first fight in Brazil in 12 years, and I'm sure he wanted a big return. -- Sohrob Kohistani

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