C-a-C: 'So what? I train in a bathroom? You got a problem with it?'

Strikeforce's interim lightweight champion, Gil Melendez, will train anywhere. Don't try to limit him. Check out other pictures from Strikeforce here. Take your shot at a caption in the comments, and read on for winners from last week's Create-a-Caption.

First place: Itsy bitsy Spider went up to Light Heavy-Weight, down came Forrest who said, "he's not that great," Out came the Spider and he brought Forrest pain, And the Little Loser Forrest, ran out the Cage again! -- Clint

Second place: You're right the extra blades do make for a close shave! -- Duane

Third place: Before stepping into the Octagon, Forrest visited the Wax Museum and took a couple practice shots with the Anderson Silva model. -- justsaynotoschwag

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