C-a-C: 'Quit stealing all the ladies, L'il Rampage!'

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's birthday was Saturday, and as he is in Las Vegas taping "The Ultimate Fighter 10," and as this is Rampage, his birthday party was done big. The party was at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel, and featured some of Rampage's favorite things: his friends, beautiful Asian women, and yummy cake.

Actually, two cakes. One featured the Rampage Jackson doll action figure he is holding in the picture at right, and the other one was an anatomically correct, strippable replica of, well, just look at the pictures. If breasts made of flour and sugar are not appropriate for your workplace, don't click on that link. (Be sure to check out all of Combat Lifestyle's pictures from the weekend, including the gallery of WEC fighter Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone performing onstage with Steel Panther, an 80s metal hair cover band.)

So what is Rampage saying to the doll action figure? Is he insulting the doll's bad breath? Coming up with a gameplan to beat on Rashad Evans' doll? Take a shot in the captions, and read on for winners from our last create-a-caption.

First place: That's a Spicy Meatball! -- K-J-MMA-Armchair

Second place: Oh my goodness! How uncivilized of me...am I still in character?!? -- DS

Third place: Trainer: "God, these two Yahoo! commenters keep whining like babies with their holier-than-thou egos and their ad hominem jibberjabber. Just knock them out already, will ya Clay?"
Clay: "La la lalalala I can't hear you. La-di-da do re mi fa sol la ti do!"
Trainer: "Sigh, I knew I should've followed my dreams and become an equestrian instead of this pugilist bull [profane]." -- espnjunkie23

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