C-a-c: 'Had to fail the drug test, didn't ya?'

Josh Barnett and Fedor Emelianenko chew the fat while at the Strikeforce fights in St. Louis in June. They were scheduled to fight this coming Saturday, until Barnett failed a drug test and Affliction, both the promotion and the fight card, fell apart. What are these two MMA veterans and connoiseurs of sake saying to each other? Take a shot in the comments and read on for winners of our previous caption contest.

First: Fed up with stupid comments, Grant tries to punch Yahoo readers through the computer screen. -- MMAniac

Secondly: Ironically, Cavaliere overdid his celebration, and was then arrested for disorderly conduct. -- Eddie L

Third: This is a hard one, Maggie.
What can I say about Grant Cavaliere that hasn't already been said? -- Rob R