C-a-C: What do you have to say about drug testing now?

Nick Diaz, fresh off his beatdown of Frank Shamrock, ran, biked and swam the Xterra Triathlon in Las Vegas last weekend, the same Nick Diaz who extolls the virtues of pot-smoking. Take your shot at a caption in the comments, and the winner will get a swimming lesson from Nick. (Not really.) Also, read on for winners from our last Create-a-Caption.

First place: Now remember kids, if your moms asks, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. -- MMAniac

Second place: Okay boys, which one of these S.O.B.s took your lunch money?!? -- rsalisbury83

Third place: After this experience with two of her students, Chicago Area 1st Grade teacher Mrs. Klienert will rethink her annual "Go To Work With Your Parent Day". -- Ross

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