C-a-C: This corner guy may just have real future as a fighter

One week he's staging an improbable comeback to defend his middleweight belt, the next week he's wrapping a fighter's hands at the Fight for Wrestling in Bakersfield. Such is the life for Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champ who recently lost his spot atop the Yahoo! Sports MMA pound-for-pound rankings. Caption the picture in the comments section and read on for winners from last week's create-a-caption winner.

First place: Little does Joe Silva know Clay is really a sparkly vampire, preparing to make him join the ranks.-- Autin Tollison

Second place: It would make me the happiest caveman on the planet if you'll be my bride -- T

Third place
: Wow! Jon Cryer! I am your biggest fan! Sorry, for being so sweaty. -- Mike

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