Browning interview: Miller is a nerd and afraid to lose

We still don't know for sure if Junie Browning can fight at an elite level but he can rile up his opponent and hype a fight. Cole Miller has been worked into a frenzy in anticipation of tonight's fight at Ultimate Fight Night 18. He tried to go at it with Browning during the weigh-in (video - 1:27 mark). Miller also told Cage Writer that Browning is the worst guy he's faced in the UFC:

"If I'm worse than Andy Wang and Allen Berube, damn that's pretty bad," Browning said about two of Miller's Ultimate Fighter 5 opponents. "I must suck pretty bad. It should be a pretty easy fight (for him). I'm so intimidated."

Browning thinks that Miller is playing mind games with himself and is scared of losing to a guy who is reviled and underestimated by many fans:

"He's trying to convince himself that I'm worse than I am. He probably watches my last couple fights and says '(expletive) I hope he hasn't gotten any better because I still suck and I have 30-some fights'. He's scared that he's going to fight somebody with way less experience and still get beat. It's gonna make him look like an even bigger nerd."

Browning says he's not impressed by Miller's physique or strength at 6-foot-1 and 155 pounds.

He was the big villian during the last season of the UFC's reality show, The Ultimate Fighter. Browning went on several alcohol-induced rampages, nearly got into several fights and barely avoided getting kicked off the show. Many viewers and coach Frank Mir, thought Browning got a free pass and made the sport look bad. He is unapologetic for his behavior on the show and figures it worked, getting him to the show.

Browning does regularly troll the Internet and checks the message boards, where he is routinely slammed. In spite of the all the hate on the Net, Browning says that he's never had a fan come to him in person and express any issues.

Cage Writer will have full coverage of UFN 18 and the debut of The Ultimate Fighter 9 with a live chat with Maggie Hendricks during the event and fight-by-fight results. Don't forget after the card is complete Yahoo! Sports/ESPNRadio1100 will have on the winners during a live postfight show from the Sommet Center in Nashville. Listen here.

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