Brothers set to face off on Mother’s Day weekend in the Maximum Fighting Championship

Maggie Hendricks

There are few siblings who can say they never fought with each other. I avoided it because my sister could kill me. But in Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship, two brothers are taking their sibling rivalry to the cage. Mike and Thomas Treadwell will fight at MFC 37 in May.

Not only are they brothers, but they share a condo in Alberta. This will be their MMA debut, and their parents are not pleased.

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“Dad was angry and thinks we’re idiots. Mom knows but we don’t talk about it with her. Everyone else seems supportive,” Thomas said via press release.

MMA has plenty of brother combos. Ken and Frank Shamrock, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Joe and Dan Lauzon, and Jim and Dan Miller have all fought at MMA's highest levels. But MFC believes this is the first time two brothers are facing off in the cage.

The brothers will face off on May 10, just two days before Mother's Day. It should make for a very interesting family celebration.

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