Brock Lesnar makes a ‘Friend’

Maggie Hendricks

Before teaching Jimmy Fallon about rear naked chokes, Brock Lesnar met up with David Schwimmer, also known as Ross Geller on "Friends."

Schwimmer tweeted, "UFC 130 perhaps? ... If @DCBROCKLESNAR loses 175 pounds and drops down to my weight class, it's over. God I hope he knows I'm kidding."

This isn't Schwimmer's first brush with large men from the UFC. When starring on "Friends," he was part of the episode that featured Bruce Buffer, Big John McCarthy and Tank Abbott. Monica Geller's boyfriend, played by Jon Favreau, had dreams of being an "ultimate fighter," despite being thrown around the Octagon by Abbott.

Perhaps Schwimmer was having flashbacks of that episode when staring into the eyes of Lesnar. Or perhaps the two just commiserated on being TV stars, as the Lesnar-coached edition of "The Ultimate Fighter" starts Wednesday night on Spike.

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