Bowles shocks the world with a KO of Torres

Brian Bowles landed the upset of the weekend, if not the year, with a first-round knockout of Miguel Torres, the WEC bantamweight champ and one of Yahoo! Sports top pound-for-pound fighters.

Bowles landed the first punch and takedown of the fight. His wrestling allowed him to smother Torres, though Torres was able to get back on his feet after landing some upkicks. Later in the fight, Torres seemed to be in charge, moving towards Bowles and landing a flurry of punches when Bowles landed a right, knocking Torres to the ground. Bowles finished Torres with a few more punches, shocking the MMA world.

"I didn't caught up in the hype," Bowles said after the fight.

This is the first time Torres has lost since 2003, and it is only Torres' second loss in his career of more than 35 fights. Before this loss, he was widely considered one of the best fighters in the world.

It didn't show tonight, but Bowles is largely inexperienced, as this is only his eighth professional fight. He has trained with Mike Brown, the WEC featherweight champion. Bowles will likely face Dominick Cruz, who won over Joseph Benavidez tonight.

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