Booyah! Fickett is just like every other ESPN viewer

It's hard to label a guy who can put you to sleep in seven seconds, "the common man", but Drew Fickett is clearly down with the people. He's a funny guy and a smartass. In an interview with, Fickett listed a blogosphere favorite as his first choice to fight:

"Stuart Scott from ESPN, because I’m tired of his one-liners that haven’t been cool since Hammer couldn’t touch this."

He went on to list every bouncer who has taken away an ID from him and then he unloaded on WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner:

"Because he’s a fake, unwitty, oiling up for photo shoots, living a fake ass dream that’s soon to be a nightmare when Cerrone plays tic-tac-toe with his face. Can’t call a time out for this one, missed the straight bus cause his ticket is for (expletive) only, punk ass bitch."

Varner faces Fickett's buddy Donald Cerrone at WEC 38 this Sunday in San Diego.

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