'The Boogeyman' wants to bust you in the mouth

It's been a lousy month for Dean Lister and he's tired of hearing from internet goofs who trashed him after he parted ways with the UFC following a loss to Yushin Okami last week at UFC 92. Lister's run with the organization wasn't bad with a 4-2 record but he just didn't seem to add much to his game. His jiu-jitsu is world class but it's obvious now that no will ever go to the ground with the guy. Now I say this knowing full well that Lister would my break face, leg, arm, nose, ankle, etc. Whatever he chose to break would be broken. My admission of wimpiness is one thing, now Lister wants thousands of MMA fans to do the same thing or simply show up to his gym in San Diego so he can humble your critical ass:

"For those that hate, it's all good and I will work to make you all fans. For those who believe in me," wrote Lister. "I have NEVER been finished and I will work hard to ONLY finish my opponents, and you guys and gals are my inspiration to go on living every day."

Those are nice sentiments but then Lister turned his attention on to the biggest trash on the Underground Forum:

"For those who really, really, really hate me and have the balls to come tell me to my face, I am very curious to meet you and to compare your superior style, technique and work ethic, even though I had a piss poor performance in UFC, I'm still in good shape. let me know if you want to 'teach me a few MMA moves' cause I can really need the help and i'm an eager student. Only problem is you would have to come and see me in person. 3666 Midway Dr. San Diego CA, 921101, Im there everyday at 4:30. For anyone with the correct instruction, I await your appearance, come by and later after training I'll buy you a Guinness."

Well, that's generous. An ass-whipping and a brew. I don't blame Lister for being agitated. He is single and that's usually a positive in the world of fighters. Action isn't hard to come by, but I would still be on edge if I divorced Flavia Mazoni.

Lister admitted in a UFC.com story that complications in his personal life have been a hinderance to his career. Don't feel too badly for Lister. He can make lots of money fighting in Japan and if he improves his conditioning, takedowns and stand-up he may be welcomed back to the UFC.

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