Bisping thinks Franklin but wants Henderson

Pride versus UFC. People were dying to see who was the best back in 2006 when Dan Henderson was the Pride champ and Rich Franklin was the man in the UFC. The debate was the lifeblood for hoards of 16-year-olds in the internet. It sounds like Michael Bisping had a dog in the fight too.

The fast-rising middleweight gives out his pick for this weekend's main event in Dana White's UFC 93 vlog. He says bet on Franklin because of his footwork and ability to avoid the clinch. But he does say that he'd like to face Henderson because of his history with Pride.

Does that mean Bisping thought Pride was the nuts when both Pride and UFC co-existed? Sounds like it. The winner of the Henderson-Franklin fight will coach the U.S. team against Bisping's squad on The Ultimate Fighter 9.

It's funny to see White's blatant disregard for fitness while on the road. In his first UFC 93 Vblog, he is flaunting the need for a bro and here is seen eating a 7,500-calorie mountain of ice cream.