Bisping is the Nuts

We have no idea what's going on over in the U.K. with Michael Bisping. When I say we, I mean the United States. And what's going on? Bisping is turning into a household name possibly unlike any American mixed martial artist on the U.S. sports scene.

Bisping finished top 12 a year ago on a BBC most famous athlete list. The offbeat magazine Zoo, just featured "The Count" as the U.K.'s coolest man:

Editor of Zoo magazine Ben Todd said: "Although most people will be surprised at this year's winner, the result reveals the growing influence that UFC is having on young men in Britain - with the sport now seriously rivalling boxing in the popularity stakes. Intriguingly, the poll also suggests a resurgence in respect for hard men, perhaps due to the harsher economic times, and the death of the metrosexual with Bisping, Calzaghe and Bear Grylls all featuring in the Top 10."

Aside from a crime report, who was the last UFC fighter to have a story in six newspapers on one day, that wasn't a lead-up to a fight? The coolest man story appeared in the Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Record, The Independent, Lancashire Telegraph, Metro and The Chester Evening News in the U.K. Maybe that means no UFC fighter has really broken through in the states or that newspapers here are 30 years behind the time.

The photos above feature Bisping in a recent piece in Nuts as he takes a staffer through the "UFC workout" so he can lose his extra holiday poundage. The 98-pound weakling's workout included ground and pound bag, pad work, circuit training, weights, running and the sledgehammer technique.

I read Nuts for the stories but I also like the photos of Lucy Pinder and Real Girls from My Nuts (NSFW). Think Maxim but without the American fringe wackos reigning in the magazine.

Photo via Nuts

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