Bisping and Hendo benefit from bigger UFC bankroll

You want proof the UFC and its reality show have grown in stature? How about the nice rides given to Ultimate Fighter 9 coaches Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson? In front of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, they were both presented with Range Rovers. That's a great ride if you can afford it. The car starts around $70,000. These are probably closer to 90-100k. Poor Forrest Griffin, he's still driving around in the Scion that he won back in 2005 for his TUF 1 victory. Resale value on the Scion? $200. It's a fine automobile but interior swimming with Staph infection may scare people away.

All kidding aside, the UFC has given the coaches nice cars in the past. You want Rich Franklin's TUF 2 Hummer? He tried to get rid of the big rig for the last year or so on EBay. The starting price was $125,000. He told Cagewriter after UFC 99 (10:37 mark), he didn't even know if he still had the truck. Franklin lamented that he turned down an offer of $105,000 at one point and now he can't find a taker for $40,000 on a customized Hummer with only 12,000 miles on it.

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