Bisping gets back on track with unanimous decision win over Miller

Coming into UFC 114, Michael Bisping had lost two of his last three fights. He ended the skid with a unanimous decision over Dan Miller, winning 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

Bisping started out tentatively, throwing kicks and jabs through much of the first, but they didn't do much to damage Miller at first. Finally, near the end of the round, Bisping looked looser and put more power into his punches. He open up a cut on Miller's face as the first round ended.

The second round featured a much calmer and much more effective Michael Bisping. He started to throw the heavier strikes that he has shown off in previous bouts. Miller didn't have an answer for Bisping's stand-up.

By the third round, Miller needed to make something happen. He tagged Bisping with a punch off the bell and also got a takedown, but Bisping continued to roll through the round. Miller threw a flurry of punches as the round ended, but it was too late to make anything happen.

"He's tough. I built up my power. I hit him with some big right hands and he stood there and took it like a man," Bisping said after the bout. "That was my gameplan, but my plan was to finish him, but he's tough."

Before the bout began, there were some oddities. As Bisping was preparing the enter the cage, the cut man who greased his face with Vaseline inadvertently got Vaseline in his eye. Then, Bisping and Miller nearly started fighting before the first bell rang.

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