Billy Mays ain't got nothing on Diego Sanchez

This world has seen lots of pitchmen on television peddling the next revolutionary, miracle product. Ron Popeil was the man in the '90s and then along came Billy Mays. Mays is such an infomercial icon that ESPN chose to use him in a parody commercial for ESPN360. Well, the next generation is here and he happens to be a UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez.

Sanchez has always been a bit bizarre and definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. This time he is completely over the top. "The Nightmare" has aligned himself with internet oddity Dan Quinn. Quinn is all over the web's MMA message boards pitching some miracle product and threatening to fight people. Apparently, not everyone thinks he's a kook because Sanchez is on board pitching Quinn's product during this weird video.

One has to wonder if Sanchez's girlfriend, former UFC Octagon girl Ali Sonoma, is kosher with her boyfriend pitching this product by mentioning that it made a lump on her breast go away? Sounds kind of strange. She had this lump for a year and a half and never went to see a doctor?

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