‘Bigfoot’ Antonio Silva going to Disneyland, wants to fight asap after grueling war with Mark Hunt

Elias Cepeda

UFC heavyweight Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva may not have just won the Super Bowl, but he's still going to Disneyland. In fact, Silva didn't even win his last fight, but he and opponent Mark Hunt are being lauded after a fight of the year candidate draw last week in Australia in the main event of UFC Fight Night 33.

Hunt broke his hand in several places thanks to Silva's hard noggin but the Brazilian says he'll be ready to fight as soon as the UFC calls again. First, however, a vacation.

“I’m feeling good," Silva told MMA Junkie recently.

"A little beat up but nothing serious. This was the toughest fight I have ever been in, but that is really good, to test one’s self. I’m going to celebrate and spend time with the family. After every fight, I take my family to Disneyland, but then I want to fight again ASAP.”

Silva said that he believed he did enough to earn the decision but is fine with a draw and would rematch Hunt if the UFC said to.

“I felt that I had won three rounds, but I think a draw is a good result also,” Silva said.

“We both went in there and gave it everything we had. We were both trying to finish the whole time. We let it all hang out, and I am ok with this result.”

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