The best of Rogan, Goldberg and 'the Voice' from UFC 102 and M-1

With a great weekend of fights comes a great weekend of announcing. Today, we have a bonus as Michael Schiavello, also known as "The Voice," announced the M-1 fights from Friday night, so his best is included, as well.

"In the battle of these two 205-lb. up-and-comers," Mike Goldberg, about Brandon Vera and Krysztof Soszyszynski. At what point do we stop calling someone an up-and-comer? Vera has fought ten times for the UFC over the span of nearly four years.

"Soszyszynski O-mmediately puts himself in trouble." Goldberg. O-mmediately? That's a new word.

"Kool-Aid, baby! Sometimes you've gotta drink the Kool-Aid." Joe Rogan. Is that THC-flavored Kool-Aid, Joe?

"Maia's gotta be careful early." Goldberg. Truer words were never spoken.

"Leben's looking to bring the thunder." Goldberg

"He just kind of whips it out there," Goldberg and "He's just kind of la-di-da," Rogan on Leben's inside leg kicks.

"Look at him kicking," Rogan, after Rosholt choked out Chris Leben. I give Rogan credit for mentioning the effects of being choked out. In the past, the cameras have turned away from fighters twitching and kicking after being knocked out or choked out, but they couldn't when Rogan mentioned it.

"That was just an appetizer. I want to eat. Dana, let me eat," Todd Duffee after his seven-second KO of Tim Hague. That's quite an appetizer.

"Or maybe a chimp. You teach a chimp karate," Rogan, on who you get imitate Keith Jardine's style for training.

"Randy's doing a good job of covering up!" Rogan. Or, the ref is slow to stop the fight and let Couture recover. That was the exact moment where Rogan and Goldberg went from slobbering all over Couture to slobbering all over Nogueira. Judging by the way the cameras followed around Couture, you would think that he won, not Nog.

"Randy Couture says, 'Yes, I do have a lot of fight left in my Hall-of-Fame career,' despite the fact that he was beaten this evening." Goldberg.

M-1: Breakthrough

With the fights shown on HDNet on Friday night, I really enjoyed the use of statistics. It's something that the UFC/WEC broadcasts are missing. As for the announcers, Michael "The Voice" Schiavello and Guy Mezger were on tap.

"He's known as 'The Smashing Machine,' but lately, he's been more of a vending machine," Schiavello, about Mark Kerr. This is not long after he called Kerr and Mo Lawal both superstars.

"As we called them in Australia, the bungee Budgie smugglers," Schiavello, referring to Daisuke Nakamura's tiny shorts. (UPDATE: Schiavello explained the term to me here.)

"A big gob of blood just flew out of the mouth of Ferrid Kheder!" Schiavello.

"The referee kind of made me nauseated before in not stopping the fights," Mezger, who joined me in my nausea. The refereeing at this event was deplorable. Lloyd Marshbanks tapped for a good 15 seconds before the referee form the Kansas Athletic Commission stopped the fight.

"Thank you to Ron Kruck, the Barbara Walter of MMA." Schiavello. If Fedor was a tree, what kind of tree would he be?

"Lucio Linhares brings the house down! A standing ovation in Kansas City!" Schiavello. Um, the only time the crowd stood was when Fedor Emelianenko walked out.

"John Doyle taking more battering than a crab stick." Schiavello

"Brock Lesnar would not last one round with Fedor Emelianenko," Schiavello. It's good to know that Rogan and Goldberg aren't the only ones who drink the Kool-Aid from their employers.

"'The Voice!' Michael Schiavello and Guy Mezger with you tonight," Schiavello. That's right, Schiavello refers to himself as "The Voice."

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