The best of Rampage: 'I want my belt back!' and more

As he showed on Saturday after beating Keith Jardine at UFC 96, Rampage Jackson is always a good interview. Of course, the woman in the above video from Jackson's PRIDE days may not remember this video so fondly. In honor of Jackson making us laugh all weekend, here are some of his finest quotes. Please, share your favorites in the comments.

"There's going to be some black-on-black crime!" -- After a staredown with Rashad Evans on Saturday

"My mom said I've been fighting since I've been in Pampers." -- Jimmy Kimmel interview

"Knock him the hellout." -- multiple times. It's important to note that the words hell and out are made into a compound word by Jackson.

"The UFC is the place to be, because they got the cheddar, they got the champions, they got the drama, they got the hot ring girls, and I need all that." -- Before the Marvin Eastman fight, Jackson's first fight in the UFC

"How is a half-fish chick going to be hot?" -- In reference to Ariel the Mermaid, or Ariel Helwani

"He done went too far. He netted me. I'm from the south! This reminds me of something that happened to my homeboy." -- during the Ultimate Fighter

"I bet you our fight don't go to decision. I'll bet my whole purse on it!" -- To Forrest Griffin, during the Ultimate Fighter. It's a good thing Forrest didn't take that bet.

"I don't like the crapola talking, Chuck! All the horses and all the referees won't be able to put you back together again." -- Before fight with Chuck Liddell

"I didn't win that fight." To the camera, after defeating Murilio "Ninja" Rua in a split-decision in PRIDE

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