The best of Chael Sonnen at the UFC on Fox 2 press conference

Maggie Hendricks

CHICAGO -- After the UFC on Fox 2 press conference, UFC president Dana White commented on Chael Sonnen's ability to sell a fight. He called Sonnen the best promoter since Muhammad Ali. Comparing Sonnen to the man who called himself the "Greatest of All Time" isn't a title that White took lightly, adding that he knew it was going to get him in trouble.

Take a look at the best of Sonnen's soundbites from Wednesday's press conference, and tell us if White was right.

On if Anderson Silva is next on his schedule: "I got no problem with Anderson Silva, but I'm not going to change my schedule just to kick his ass. If I'm not the best guy and Mark is, then he can go have the shot. But Anderson's not going to fight me in Brazil, in America, in Antarctica, in his kitchen when I'm trying to get a Brazilian steak. He's not going to fight me."

On if Silva is ducking him or Dan Henderson: "I don't believe Anderson's hurt. He says he's hurt and then he's caught on tape working with Wanderlei Silva and working with Lyoto Machida, that got caught on tape. I really don't care about Anderson Silva. How hard is it going to be to become world champion when you're beating up math teachers? I think he's ducking me. I think he's ducking Dan Henderson. I don't think he's hurt."

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To a fan who thanked the UFC for coming back to Chicago: "You're welcome that we came back to Chicago. When Dana and I decided to come back to Chicago, he takes most the credit, but you were who we specifically were thinking of. Thank you for coming out today."

On running for office: "I held public office, and I left the only way a person should: in handcuffs."

On his opponent, Mark Munoz, remembering a dirty move that Sonnen used when the two wrestled in college: "Mark's explanation of it being heat of the moment, I appreciate that but I can assure you. It was a pre-meditated and pre-calculated event. I offer no apology. I don't even remember college! I'm driving around with a car with no insurance, a pocket with no money, and the biggest thing on my mind is which kid should I sit next to on exam day. As far as a wrestling match goes, it was the fourth thing on my mind."

On fighting friends: "Everybody's got guys they don't want to fight, and Mark's at the top of that list. Not just because he's a friend but because he's a hard match. I've competed with him and I've never beat him. We have to do this, and on top of that, Mark and I agreed to fight to set up an example for the rest of the guys. This is just competition. Basketball players don't not face each other because they're friends.The answer is yes, and we will compete and we will live with the result."

On Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow: "I've never seen a football game in my whole life. I've never seen a basketball game and my uncle won two championships. This is the only game I know to play. Good for Tim."

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