Do you believe Anderson Silva is turning over a new leaf?

It appears that Anderson Silva and his manager Ed Soares realize some damage was done at UFC 112. Silva danced and pranced his way into becoming a very disliked figure not only with fans but also with UFC president Dana White. White was so angry at Silva's antics during his win over Demian Maia that he stormed out of the arena, took a superfight against Georges St-Pierre off the table and threatened termination if he fought like that again.

Silva showed up at last week's UFC Fan Expo all smiles and even did part of this interview in English. His next opponent Chael Sonnen has unleashed a verbal barrage on Silva and it's only going to get worse in the lead up to the fight at UFC 117.

Are you buying Silva's new fan friendly approach or is it all window dressing? To me, Silva needs to repair his image with months of altered behavior in and out of the cage.

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