Belcher shocks with Sub of the Night win over Kang

The Muay Thai expert gets taken down at will and is smoked on the feet. Denis Kang must've walked over the stand-up specialist Alan Belcher, right?

That's the way it was going and then Belcher nailed his proverbial hail mary. Kang had planted Belcher on the mat whenever he wanted through the first nine minutes, so why not shoot for another takedown? Belcher finally did a good job of sprawling and Kang got sloppy, leaving his head for "The Talent". Belcher quickly worked for a guillotine choke and pulled guard. Kang, a Brazilian black belt, tapped almost immediately. Belcher gets his fifth win in the UFC at 4:36 of the second round. He delivered as one of the bigger dogs on the card at +200.

Belcher often talks a big game and he did again after the victory:

"I wish I could've been more dominating so I could come in here and call out the champion and say give me that title shot. I think I need one or two more fights before that."

Belcher can say whatever he wants as long he keeps backing it up. We chuckled at some of his comments before the fight. He told the Canadian Press' Neil Davidson that he may submit Kang. That seemed preposterous since Kang had been submitted just once in his last 27 fights since 2003. That said, Cage Writer did tab Belcher to pull the upset in our UFC 93 picks piece.

The way the fight unfolded was bizarre. Belcher, with a kickboxing background, came out tentatively and got lit up by Kang in every exchange standing. He didn't throw a single kick for the first six minutes of the fight. Belcher admitted that fighting not to lose early on was probably the wrong approach.

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