The beast has officially arrived: Lesnar smashes Couture

This giant is no fluke. When a 275-pounder hits you with a bomb you go down. Randy Couture took a huge shot, a right elbow early in the second round and was wobbled. But he couldn't deal with the second big shot, a right hand that landed just over his left ear. Couture crumbled to the cage floor and Lesnar pounced on top of him. After 25 hammerfists landed on Couture's noggin, referee Mario Yamasaki had to stop it, making Lesnar the new UFC heavyweight champion.

Couture stayed down on the mat for about 90 seconds trying to collect his wits.

"(Heavyweight champ) sounds really good I cant believe it," said Lesnar. "I want to thank Dana, the UFC and I want to thank this guy. He's got a lot of balls to come back and fight a young buck like me."

Couture was gracious in defeat:

"Those are some bigass hamhocks coming at you. It's hard to get out of the way of them. I felt comfortable with the size difference. That's just a big sombich, that's all there is too it."

Photo via Las Vegas Review-Journal

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