Battle of the Web sites: BJ vs. GSP

Penn vs. GSP has been broken down in every way imaginable. Experts have weighed in, trash has been talked, and drama has ensued. CageWriter now looks at the most reliable predictor possible when determining who will win the fight. Who has the better Web site? Penn uses his Web site as more than just a place to shill for his sponsors and merchandise, though he does plenty of that. His page boasts video contests, an online community, a forum and plenty of news from B.J himself. "The B.J. Penn Show," webisodes hosted by Margeaux Bailey, feature local Hawaiian fights and occasional commentary from Penn. The videos play automatically when you arrive at the page, which I find irritating. This site is called the home of MMA, which is a bit much, and it's rather self-glorifying for Penn, but that's to be expected on his own Web site. Overall, it's a bit busy, but it's loaded with features, and not a bad site.

Two sites represent GSP, his official fan club site and a Yardbarker blog. That's part of the problem. GSP fans don't want to check in with two different places to keep up on him. The fan club site has easy navigation, music that is easily turned off, and the basic stuff you want from a fighter, like a bio, merchandise and news on GSP. However, there is no forum or way for fans to connect, and the video selections are pretty limited. Also, there should be an updated link to the YB blog. GSP regularly updates the Yardbarker blog, and it's an interesting enough read, but I'd like to see him really explore the studio space, and do some contests like Rasheed Wallace and Marshawn Lynch have done on YB.

After looking at both sites, it is 100 percent, irrefutably clear that B.J. Penn will win, as he has the better Web site. Congratulations, B.J!

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