Baseball player Jayson Werth also beard-owner and MMA promoter

It turns out that Shane Victorino isn't the only member of the Philadelphia Phillies to get involved with MMA. Jayson Werth told Yahoo! Sports' own Dave Brown that he owns Capital City Cage Wars, a promotion out of central Illinois.

JW: I actually have a very small, modest company back home and we put on pro and amateur MMA fights. Capital City Cage Wars. It's a couple years old. It's a minor success. It's more for entertainment purposes.

DB: Wait ... your own your personal MMA minor league?

JW: We've got a large venue — we bring upwards of 2,000 people. We have two or three fighters already in the UFC (including Matt Hughes, a nine-time World Welterweight Champion). It's actually really cool, because I don't have to go anywhere to see MMA, UFC-style fights. I can watch them, basically, in my back yard.

With Werth's schedule, it might be difficult to get to many bouts, so why not go ahead and buy a promotion? He made it to UFC 101, which started not long after a game ended for the Phillies, but having your own MMA promotion makes things much more convenient.