Baroni still entertaining, gives thoughts on belts, Riggs, more

Phil Baroni isn't the greatest fighter on the planet. He isn't the smartest, he isn't the most talented, isn't the most technical. However, he does lead the pack in running his mouth. Earlier today, he shared with us way too many details of his personal life. On today's conference call to hype up Saturday's Strikeforce card, he lept entertaining, sharing some fantastic pearls of wisdom.

On his opponent, Joe Riggs, who didn't make the call: "The guy no-shows for a conference call. We're all training, we're all busy, nobody wants to be here right now, but we all made it."

On his fitness: "I want to show everyone that I'm a contender at 170 lbs. I plan on blowing right through this kid. My cardio is really improved. I feel like I'm 19 years old again. I feel like I should be on a Wheaties box and two Gatorade commercials."

One reporter pointed out that Robbie Lawler and Jake Shields, the two fighters at the top of the card on Saturday, like to let their fighting do the talking, to which, Baroni quipped: "I'll give you lessons on talking crap before fights. Winning fights is what matters, but I'm an Italian guy, I'm from New York, I talk a lot."

Will friendship prevent him from taking a fight with Shields or Lawler? "If there is a fight on the line for a lot of money, I'm not being a very good friend if I don't take that fight."

On trash talk with Riggs: "I'm not going to let no one talk to me like that. I haven't had sex in four weeks, I've been on a diet, I'm ready to kill someone. I'm in fight mode. I don't even know what I'm talking about."

One reporter called the Scottrade Center the Madison Square Garden of the Midwest, and asked how the fighters feel about fighting there. Baroni asked, "Is that a serious question?" Later, he continued to share his feelings about the reporter "I can't stand that guy. No offense, but I'm glad he's gone."

Jake Shields mentioned that he was more concerned about winning a fight than keeping a championship belt. Baroni jumped in. "It's easy for Jake to say. He's got a ton of belts. I want a [expletive] belt."

Cagewriter will continue to cover not only Phil Baroni, but all of the Strikeforce cards this Saturday. Maggie Hendricks will have a live blog with complete results from the fights.

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